Core Technologies
Virtual Avatar Technology

Various materials for character features, body figures, costumes, outfits, accessories,
and backgrounds for personalization.
Enhance the virtual human movements and facial expressions through motion capture
and 3D modeling, and real-time rendering technologies.

Web3.0 Technology

A decentralized protocol compatible with photographs, videos, and motion graphics,
all binds the virtual avatar to the user’s information,
with account logins stored in the METADATA along with the virtual avatar as a 3D NFT.


A Simple SDK package that can develop basic applications.

Virtual Avatar Editor

Web 3.0 Virtual Human Editor that anyone can use.

Virtual Avatar Live Stream

Bring Avatars to all in all video streams.
Supports all video software including Google Meet, Zoom, Tiktok, Discord, etc..
Connects in one click with a localized plugin.